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I began writing this poem on the day that Kristian died and completed it the following day. It was read out at his funeral on Friday 22 November 2002. It is not a literary masterpiece, but was simply and quickly written from the heart on the worst day of my life.
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"There is no death,
Only a change of worlds."

Chief Seattle

It seems like only yesterday
I rocked you on my knee,
With dreams about the future and
What you were going to be.

You were so bright and happy
Such a precious little boy,
You gave your love to everyone
And filled our hearts with joy.

Strangers would admire you
And stop to say 'Hello',
"He'll break a lot of hearts", they said,
"In twenty years or so".

But less than twenty years from then,
What they said came true,
As we were forced against our will
To say goodbye to you.

A life so short and unfulfilled,
With so much left to go,
"Why, oh why?" we ask ourselves,
When we all loved you so.

Life shows us many options,
But whichever path we take
The destination's still the same
Whatever choice we make.

So many questions flood our minds,
"What if, and Why and How?"
If we had done things differently,
Would you still be with us now?

I don't know what the lesson was
That you were sent here to learn,
But now your purpose is fulfilled
It's time for you to return.

When I hear the phone ring
I expect to hear you say,
"Alright Mum? What're you doing,
Can I come 'round today?

But you don't need to ask now,
You're with us every day,
Within our hearts, our minds, our souls,
Your memory will stay.

No fear, no pain or sorrow,
Can touch you anymore
But the love you've left behind,
Will live with us forever more.

In memory of my beautiful son Kristian,
born March 1982 
passed over 1 November 2002

Kristian's daughter Kayla on her christening day - 7 September 2003 - aged 22 months.

She had a photo of Kristian pinned to the underskirt of her dress.
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