Valentine's Day, Without Jay

©Brenda Reeves 2004

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No chocolates, no cards, no roses

No hugs, no "I love you's"

Memories of you

Still shine through

Valentine's Day

Without Jay

Breaks our hearts

As we are apart

Our memories are beautiful

They are very bountiful

But they can't replace

The smile on your face

I look to the sky

I wonder why

And hope that you know

How much we didn't want you to go

Our love for you

Will always stay true

Until we see you again

When we join you in Heaven

For my precious nephew, Jay D. Jacobson

07-31-78 ~ 03-04-02

©Love, Aunt Brenda     (Feb. 2004)

My soul is there beside you,
Let this candle guide you.

From Pete's Dragon

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