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Anxiety, Panic Attacks Treatments  Disorders such as depression, anxiety and phobias are commonplace and in most cases readily treatable. Come here for knowing more on anxiety depression treatment.

A-Z Phobias  This informative site contains an alphabetical listing of phobic disorders and problems and how they can be treated. This site also features online support by means of articles, phobia discussions, self help tips, help groups, etc.

Bereavement Counselling  An online directory of UK Counsellor and Psychotherapists enabling those in distress to find a therapist close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will hopefully encourage those in distress to seek help.

Beareavement Online Support Group  A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Bereavement, together.

FRANK  Frank is a confidential, anonymous, discreet and well-informed friend, ready to offer advice, information and support about drugs.  Frank is available at the end of the phone (0800 77 66 00), on the web ( or by e-mail ([email protected]).

Headliners  Headliners UK is a charity which inspires and encourages the personal development of young people through journalism.

If You Are Thinking About Suicide, Read This First

I'll Stand By You  A help website for those who suffer from depression.

Kids in Trouble Help Page  A Kids & Teens guide to Child Abuse, Depression, Suicide and Runaway Resources.

Second Wind Fund  SWF offers actual treatment services to at-risk youth. SWF has built an innovative program to urgently match an at-risk youth, who may be displaying suicidal tendencies, with a therapist in their neighborhood. There is no red tape, no delays while insurance gets approved and complete anonymity. If the referred teen does not have insurance or the means to pay for the necessary mental health treatment, the care is paid for by SWF.

Support Line (UK)  Support Line offers confidential emotional support on the telephone for children, young adults and adults. You can phone the support line on (020) 8554 9004.

Teen-Anon  Help for Teens Who Drink or Drug And All Those Who Love Them!

The Who Cares? Trust  The Who Cares? Trust is a national charity working to improve public care for around 60,000 children and young people who are separated from their families and living in residential or foster care.  They promote the interests of children and young people in public care and work with all those interested in their well-being in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and around the world.

25 Reasons to Avoid Suicide

What doesn't kill us  The author of this book is a suicide attempt survivor and preventing suicides has become her life's work. In her book she chronicles her battle with anxiety.

"Generosity is giving more than you can, and
Pride is taking less than you need."

Kahlil Gibran
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