Nick's Story

by his Aunt, Cindy Jensen

In Loving Memory of Nicholas David Cross (1988 – 2008)

God sent our angel from heaven on April 5, 1988 to Connie Edwards (Kerschner) and David Cross. He weighed 10 pounds, 4 ½ ounces. He was born in Ft. Collins, Colorado, but lived with his mom and dad in Loveland, Colorado until his parents divorced in 1990. Then he lived with his mom in Longmont, Colorado, but frequently visited his dad, who still lives in Loveland.

By age 2, Nick had his first guitar. It was a little green, plastic guitar and he would “jam” on it while watching MTV music videos. His love for guitars and music just grew from there.

When Nick was 4, his dad got remarried to Brandi, and his mom got remarried to Clay McMillan. Nick’s family was beginning to grow (on both sides). Soon after, he had 3 half sisters (Alyssa, Kiersi and Maryah).

By the time Nick was in elementary school, he was playing baseball and football, and loving both sports. When Mark (his mom’s current husband) first met Nick, it was apparent that he had an appetite that was growing faster than Nick was. There was never enough food in the house.

Nick was very opinionated and sometimes down right argumentative. It was often suggested to Nick that he should become a litigation attorney.

By the time Nick was in his early teen years, his love for music and guitars had grown, and thanks to Grandpa Cross, so had his guitar collection. They were no longer plastic.  Also at this time, he was learning about tools while working on the cabin with Grandpa Kerschner. He was also developing a love for drawing, skateboarding, dirt bikes, and bowling.

Nick attended both Loveland and Legacy High Schools, graduating from Legacy High School in Broomfield in 2006. Nick was a natural academic, not that he got terrific grades all the time, but he loved to learn and found school generally easy. He received full graduation credits by the middle of his senior year. After high school graduation, even though he was going through some rough times in the “real world”, he still had a strong desire to pursue a higher education and enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.  He was at his home in Greeley when God called his name on January 20, 2008.

Nick touched so many lives in the short time he was here on this earth. He was an intelligent young man with a big heart, a big smile and a big circle of friends and family. It is no wonder that God wanted him back in his garden.  Nick had to be feeling a pain that was so foreign to him that he couldn’t find the words or a way to reach out to the people he knew loved him so very much. We believe that if he had been able to think more clearly he would have never intentionally hurt his family or himself.

There isn't a day that passes that Nick is not thought about or missed. Most every day we shed the tears of sorrow.  But we do have those days where we can look into the heavens and realize that our lives are different, because we were touched by Nick and his love.

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