Poems in Memory of Michelle Woody

©Mary Woody 2003

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"Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

In Loving Memory of Michelle Woody
January 7 1985 - April 23 2002

From Heaven

I'm writing you from Heaven,
There's some things you need to know,
The day I died and left you,.
I really thought I had to go.
You see my heart was broken,
I thought beyond repair,
I thought nobody loved me,
I thought nobody cared.
Now that I know better,
The decision I made was wrong,
I hurt the people I loved the most,
I wish that I could have been strong.
To end my life was done in haste,
Without a second thought,
I didn't stop to think about you,
Now I'm thinking about you alot.
You taught me all about God's love.
And Mom you are so right,
The day I fell into his arms,
I know was your longest night.
Now I've passed that broken heart
Onto those I love the most,
But this really is a better place,
I keeping company with the Holy Ghost...

Copyright Mary K Woody

Angel Child

For Sally and Ronnie Vanwinkle

Spread your wings my Angel child,
Don't look down to see me cry,
I'll be OK, someday I'll smile,
I'll never know the reason why..

Spread you wings my Angel child,
Always soar towards the light,
Don't worry about me, your mom,
I'm sure someday I'll be alright.

Spread your wings my Angel child...
Enjoy Heaven, I'm sure its quite a sight.
Someday I'll be beside you...
Until then enjoy your flight...

Copyright Mary K Woody

Beautiful Child

My child, my beautiful child,
I miss you so,
It's now been a year,
I cannot seem to let you go..

I know you're safe,
In Jesus' arms,
At night I lay awake..
Praying for him to keep you from all harm.

My child, my beautiful child,
I bet your wings are gold,
Sometimes I hear you whisper,
Again you'll be in my arms to hold.

Copyright Mary K Woody


A butterfly came to me today
And landed upon my knee,
His wings were heavy from the rain,
I knew you had sent him to me

Only an Angel such as yourself
Would care about these things,
So I dried him with my breath
And sat him on some leaves.

As I sat there watching him
Soaking in the Sun,
I thought how great it must be
To fly, it looks like so much fun.

My Angel, now you have your wings,
Don't let my tears weigh them down,
I know someday I will see you again
Until then keep sending the butterflies around.

Copyright Mary K Woody


Michelle, always on my mind,
I wont ever let you go,
You are my child,
We are connected by our souls.
I wish I could have saved you,
I'd gladly given my life,
You were ready to leave
This earth its true,
But it should have been me,
The one who died.
As I stumble through
This world now,
I will always feel alone,...
There're the days I wonder
How I'm supposed to make it,
Until God calls me home.

Copyright Mary K Woody

The Day You Died

The day you died,
Or was it I?
You sit with God,
I'm left to cry.
You feel his Love,
I'm left alone,
You're soaring above,
My heart is stone.
You never cry,
My tears fall free,
The day you died,
Or was it me?

Copyright Mary K Woody

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