Monica, South Dakota, US

My name is Monica Sigala I am from The Rosebud Sioux Reservation, (Lakota Native American) South Dakota, USA.  My son took his own life on May 9, 2005, 6 days shy of his 22nd birthday.

It had to do with a girlfriend, which I think is not that bad, but who am I to judge?  I do know that someday this girl will have to face her Creator and when she does, she will have blood on her hands and the Creator will ask her what happened and I hope and pray that she can ask for forgiveness to lighten her darkened soul and heart.

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Posted 6 May 2006

Tisa, Indianapolis, US

My name is Tisa my son Adrian committed suicide on Oct. 23, 2004 (my birthday). He was 17 days shy of his 13th birthday. He hung himself in his closet. One of his older brothers found him. I tried to get him down - the other older brother came in and cut him down (I don't remember him even coming into the room). I saw his life leave his body. I lost my breath and a part of me died that day. I can not even begin to explain the range of emotions I have felt and feel. My heart has died many many times. I hold  all of these feelings in because no one around me truly understands. Yes my husband has lost a child also, but it's different. My sons have lost a brother, but it is different. I do not mean less important, just different. If they really knew how I felt I would be put in a padded room for a while. I have been the strong one through all of this and I am tired. I just want to cry. Finally I want to cry for my son. I need to talk with other mothers. Adrian was an all consuming child. He had behavorial disorders ADHD and ODD and they suspected bi-polar. From the time Adrian was born he demanded all of me unlike my other 3 sons. And with his disorders I was his advocate in schools, with doctors and treatment. I founght for him or with him everyday for almost 12 years. And then in 45 minutes he was gone.

I am will to talk with anyone from anywhere.

Code 020

Gwenda, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

I lost my precious son Mark to suicide on December 10th 2005. He hanged hismself. He was 35 years old. He was a very happy go lucky boy and there were so many people who loved him dearly.  I don't know which way to turn. How do you go on with your life without them?

Code 019


Hi , I recently lost my brother to suicide, he was only 19. I was wondering if anyone could email me who has had a similar experience? Email:

Code 018


My son Aaron was 19 when he took his life on Christmas night  2005.His girlfriend had been cheating on him and he and I had gotten into an  argument.He waited until his brothers and I went to bed and went outside and  shot himself with a shot gun.My husband found him.I am so guilt ridden. He didn't  leave a note and he put the Christmas presents I had given him in a pile in his  room. I feel if I had apologized he wouldn't have done it. Please write me.

Code 017
Posted 15 February 2006

Paul and Nina

On 26/01/06 my wife found our 17 year old son Ashley hanging from the bunkbeds in his brother’s bedroom. He had appeared a happy young man. The coroner returned a verdict of "open" as he felt that he hadn't meant to kill himself, but had been messing around or experimenting. Either way my son is gone and he has devastated our family. We didn't see anything coming and we are struggling to get through each day.  We would appreciate any help please.  Email:

Code 016
Posted 14 February 2006


I found my lovely son Tim aged 26, He had hung himself at the top of the stairs on November 21st 2005, and part of me has now died with him. He did leave a note, but we now realise he was so depressed, but hid it really well from all of us. If anyone can ease my feelings of guilt and pain by contacting me by email, I would really appreciate the help.

Code 015
Posted 4 February 2006

Mary, Riverton, Wyoming, US

My son Allen was 18 and had been married three months when he found out she was cheating on him. He shot himself in the head. I miss him, and don't know how to go on with my life. I tried to help him, but he was too lost. I hate her for taking him from my life.  I would like to be able to talk to others who might in some small way, understand. I feel lost in a sea of "you poor thing" sentiments from clueless people. Even with all the death I have been surrounded in all my life, never have I been so hopeless, angry, and guilt ridden.

Please someone help me.

Code 013
Posted 26 January 2006


I lost my 15 year old son just over two months ago, on November 4th, 2005. He hung himself in his room, and I found him. I would welcome any support I can get right now, just getting through the days. We will never know why he did it. He seemed fine. There is a question of clinical depression now....hindsight is wonderful huh?

Code 012
Posted 18 January 2006

Felicity, Johannesburg, South Africa

I lost my 28 year old son when he gassed himself in his car on 1st February 2004. The second anniversary of his death is coming up soon and feel I am coping less with the tradgedy now than ever. I am so depressed about his death, yet angry about the way he exicited this world.He had been struggling with drug addiction for about 14 years and in his suicide note he said he had had enough of the struggle.

I would like to hear from anyone who feels like contacting me.

Code 011
Posted 12 January 2006

Lorraine, Bristol, UK

I lost my 18 year old daughter on 24th may 2004. I still don,t know why she hung herself and probably never will.

Iam looking for help in helping her siblings to come to terms with what has happened and would be very grateful for any offered.

Code 010
Posted 6 January 2006

Anthony, Manchester, UK

My son James who was 26 who worked for me went out for lunch at 12pm on Monday the 16th may 2005 and never returned. He went to a park near where we lived and hung himself. I am finding it hard to cope with what’s happened to my son as my heart is broken, so if anyone who's gone through the same and can give me some help, please do.

Code 009

Michelle, LA, US

My name is Michelle. My daugther  Alicia took her life on 3/15/05. I didn't have a clue. I feel angry, ashamed, hurt, lost and some days are worser than others. I can't sleep at night because of the way I came home and found her.

Code 008
Posted 2 August 2005

Kathryn, Colon, MI, US

My name is Kathryn Von Gethicker, and have just recently lost my 15 yr. old daughter to suicide.  I basically don't know where to begin with the grief, the loss, and the anger.  I didn't see it coming, and neither did anyone else.  Apparently she was shunned by a boy at school, and couldn't face returning to school the next day to friends who knew about it.

I'm trying to get in contact with others dealing with the same as we may very well be able to help each other.

Code 007
Posted 11-05-05

Jackie, Washington State, US

My daughter, died on March 12, 2005. She hung herself in her dorm room. She left no note.

I'm just really still in shock. I don't know where to start. I would appreciate hearing from anyone. Especially other mothers.

Thank you,


Code 006



My name is Doris. I lost my precious child Monique to suicide 16 months agao.
She took her life by gasing herself in our garage in the early hours of the
morning. She was only 20 yeras old. I have joint a support group but it ain't helping at this stage. I seem to be angry at this stage. If anyone feels like me please contact me.

The hurting is killing me inside.

Love Doris

Code 005

Leeanne, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

On March 17,1999, my son Daimien died by hanging himself.  My 14 year old daughter and I came home to find him hanging in the kitchen. He was 20 years old and living with his girlfriend at the time.  He had an argument with his girlfriend and had come home for the night.  He came home to die.

Nearly six years on and I have spoken to no-one about it, seeked no help and kept my head buried in the sand.

It has,  and still is affecting my whole life.

I would very much appreciate hearing from anyone  who has survived their  tragedy  because it's time that I survived mine.

Thankyou for this chance.


Code 004

Brenda Reeves, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

I lost my 23 year old nephew, who I was the guardian of, Jay D. Jacobson to suicide on March 04, 2002. I also lost my cousin, Terry, in April 1979. Both of them used guns as a means to exit this cruel world. I would love to visit with anyone... location doesn't matter. I love making new friends and sharing stories of our loved ones.

E-Mail :

Jay's Memorial Site

Code: 003

Kathie Carrigan,  Germantown, Maryland,  USA

I lost my 15year 22 day old daughter  on December 6, 2001.  She hung herself and left a suicide note.  My daughter suffered anorexia, depression and multiople personalities.  We believe that the one personality that was the strongest took over because the note did nto sound like my daughter.  I would love to communicate with anyone, anywhere inthe world that lost a child.


Chrissie's Memorial Site

Code: 002

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